Can I return the masks? All orders are final sale and there are no returns. 

Who can purchase the masks? Orders are now able to ship within the United States of America.

What shipping method do you use to ship? We use UPS Mail Innovations to ship out the orders from our fulfillment center, then it gets delivered to a local USPS office, which will complete the final delivery. The tracking number received in the order shipment email is a USPS tracking number and will work on the USPS website. For larger orders or for unusual shipping needs, Lefty may ship via UPS

      What are the dimensions of the masks? 

      If I have an issue with my order, who do I contact? Contact us here.

      How do I wear the pleated mask?

      Product Disclaimer: Lefty Production Co., LLC (“Lefty”) face masks are designed for non-medical purposes only. No Lefty products are or are intended to be substitutes for medical-grade personal protective equipment or any other medical equipment.  No representations or claims regarding Lefty products are intended to substitute for professional medical advice.  Lefty recommends that you always seek the advice of a qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical question or condition. Face masks may not be returned and no refunds will be provided.